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Youngstown Home Learners is an educational association brought together for the purpose of educational excellence. We accept all races and all religions. Religious practices are studied for their historical attributes only. We are a secular group that provides supplimentary classes for our school age children. Classes are taught by parent professionals and by outside speakers brought in by parents. Music and Art Classes are also offered. Field trips and fun days are also part of our organization.


Youngstown Home Learners meet every 1st Friday of the month, September through May for Parent's organizational meetings. Meetings are now taking place at St. Dominic's Sienna Hall on the corner of Avondale and Southern Boulevard at 6:30 pm. We are in the process of finding another meeting place as the hall will soon be torn down. Anyone with information concerning a free meeting place for our meetings and for our children's classes, please e-mail us at . You may also email this address for more information.


Currently, membership is $15.00 which includes our Parent's Forum, part of which is presented on the following pages. This newsletter is presented and sent by snail mail monthly. It covers many community and organization events as well as providing homeschool information, mini lessons for our children, exciting web sites and other educational material. Please join us in the Youngstown Ohio area and anyone may subscribe to the Parent Forum.