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Welcome to the Homeschool factory. In hometeaching my own two daughters I found the books and materials to be somewhat lacking for homeschoolers. There are plenty of lesson plans out there on the net and plenty of worksheets, but few homeschoolers have the resources used in the lesson plans and the worksheets tend to come with no answer keys. The local school district gets quite a bit of money for our homeschooled children whether they go to school or are taught at home. We homeschool parents or grandparents get nothing and have to come up with the money to buy are own materials. I have found the books from the school lacking in the type of education I want my children to have. Therefore, I am developing my own lessons with worksheets and lesson keys for parents. I decided to make them available to other homeschoolers. I only have one lesson up right now but more will be forth coming. Please sign my guestbook or email me to tell me if you think these lessons will help your children. Since my children are in 5th and 7th grade, most of the early lessons will be for kids 4th through 8th grade. I work a full time job and freelance write on the side so it may take me awhile to get to lessons for kids younger or older than that but I do plan to do that.


These lessons are written for the student. Let you child get on the net and read the lesson and go to the links that have been provided. Then, print out the accompanying worksheet and have your child fill it out. It will be provided as another link. After the worksheet is completed another link will take you to the answer key.


As I said before, please give me input as to what you would like to see and what you liked about the lessons. My guestbook is placed at the bottom of the page as well as my email address.




American History

Ancient Americans: Ancient Americans - Worksheet: Ancient Americans - Answer key:


More will follow on World History, Geography, Math, Science, Language Arts, Music and Art.


You can contact me at or just sign my guestbook



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