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Fractal Gallery



Fractals are (the simplified definition) images generated by mathematical equations. Sounds difficult, doesn't it? If it were, this gallery would not exist. Thanks to the magic, and if you knew me you would agree it was magic knowing my mathematical skills, of fractal-making programs; anyone can create these wonderful images. The program I use is called Tierrazon and can be downloaded free by going to this URL:



Now, sit back and enjoy the magical world of Fractal images and the story that goes along with them!


You are now going to embark upon a quest to an unknown plane of existence. It is quite different than anywhere you have ever been before. Sniff the air and smell a sweet yet bitter scent. It is very pleasing. Take a look around. You are in a valley and the "Crystal Mountains" are all around you.


Here, the mountains are made of crystal and the vegetation looks as if it were touched with the crispness and the opaque-ness of ice. Feel the breeze on your skin. It is chilling yet exhilarating. Imagine the beauty of the sun shinning through the translucent landscape casting stain glass-type reflections over everything in sight. Truly a magnificent vista. One would think the ground to be slick and slippery in the crystal plane. Yet, your feet feel sturdily planted . The land actually feels as if it is holding on to you. You need not be afraid, at least not yet. You are here, in this world not to enjoy the scenery. Instead, you are about to embark on a perilous and extraordinary adventure



Look and see the unworldly "Horizon". See how the bridge joins the icy land to the sun, or is that the sun. It could be the eye of God watching over all. Watching what story shall unfold.



We have come to the banks of a pool. This is no ordinary pool, but the water here signifies life both on this plane and in your own plane of existence. The "Sonic Waterfall" flows from the Crystal Mountains bringing life's blood to the land. This place is essential to continuation of life in all planes. Color and vibration of unheard sound blend to convey the essence of life. All seems peaceful and calm, but it is the calm before the storm?

Suddenly the peacefulness of the scene is shattered by a blast of fire; a "Dragon's Breath" which obliterates all color and vibration into chaos. It is scattered to the four winds in a desperate search to find its way back home and restore balance.


This is the Mountain King's doing. He has come to consume all beauty, destroy all that virtue, and devour freedom. His dragon fire melts the beauty of the crystal palaces; the lucid landscape and leaves on desolation in his wake.

It is time to begin our journey; a dangerous journey. A journey in which you shall either save existence or let it slide through your fingers like sand falling from your hand onto the warm beach.


The salvation of all is hidden deep within the "Halls of the Mountain King". He is holding our saving grace ransom in order to gain power and sap the strength of all that inhabit this realm. Unfortunately the waters of the pool also feed our own plane and this destruction affects us all. The task before you is not an easy one. There are many dangers and pitfalls. The climb up the mountain itself is treacherous. One wrong move and you will fall into an endless abyss. Once you reach the summit you will be met with briars and brambles with thorns that can pierce the body through leaving it limp and lifeless waiting for exile into the depths of unending torture. The journey will be tedious and slow but once into the King's domain and providing you can avoid his minions of vulture-like soldiers who subsist on mortals both living and dead, you may be able to retrieve the magical amulet that will free all from his icy grip.


The domain of the Mountain King is vast and seems unending. The "Corridors" are many and new dangers lurk around each corner. Amongst these corridors is hidden the coveted Amulet of Onar, the saving grace of the world. One only has to have faith, strength and courage to learn the secret of the Amulet and save existence.

Quite by accident, and after a battle with one of the vulture-like creatures of pure depravity, the Amulet is found within a ball of glass perched upon the staff of a statue depicting the Mountain King. You snatch it from the floor of the corridor and run, clasping it to your heart. You quickly find a hiding place where you will be able to learn the secrets of this ancient monocle.


"The Amulet of Onar", see how the vibration of color and sound throb within it, some rays escaping outward into the atmosphere. It is the "Sonic Waterfall" of life that is imprisoned within the Amulet. It is your duty, your responsibility to break the chains of bondage and free the vibrations and colors of life; but how? You concentrate on the amulet, you touch the pulsing colors. As you come in contact, warmth begins to wind its way up your arm to your shoulder then onward to your heart. Your eyes close and your heart opens as the colors and vibrations flood into your being. It is an enjoyable feeling and you are reluctant to release it, but release you must and life surges from your being into the firmament.

The power of the Amulet is great, it creates a "Vortex" which swallows up the lair of the Mountain King and lays waste to his empire. The color and vibration of life and freedom is restored and you are a champion of all who exist and will continue to exist, in this glorious reality.

I hope you enjoyed your little journey in images and words. It is time for you to go back to your "Celestial Spaceship" for the journey home.



Prints of the above fractals are available from the artist. You may make contact by email:

There you will be given sizes, prices and styles. The names of the images are in quotation marks.


If you enjoyed the fractals, please visit the gallery of my friend, Steven Durham. He is a very talented artist who creates beautiful fractals, but also does spacey scenes with ray tracing. Take a look at his site, you will not be sorry.

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