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Ancient Americans



Fill in the blank with the words below:






Clovis Points









Mound builders









  1. Scientists believe the first humans coming to the Americas came from ____________.
  2. These people crossed the Bering Strait which was a strip of __________ connecting _____________ to Alaska.
  3. The name of this strip of land is ____________________.
  4. The massive hunks of ice that covered land during the Ice Age were called ___________.
  5. One of the large animals the hunters followed were called ________________.
  6. The modern country the ancient people first pass through to get to North and South America was __________________.
  7. Traveling Tribes were called ________________.
  8. Making a sharp point for a spear from bone or stone was called ________________.
  9. These spear points were called ____________________.
  10. Central American tribes were first to farm or develop ___________________.
  11. The most important crop was __________________ because it could be preserved and kept through the winter.
  12. Natives believed crops were gifts from their ___________.
  13. Religious people who lived in Mexico and built temples on top of flat pyramids were called __________________.
  14. People who built large earthworks were called ____________________.
  15. One very famous mound is located near Cincinnati, OH and is called _____________________________.
  16. Mound Builders that made pots, woven mats and carved figures to trade with other tribes were ____________________.
  17. _________________________ were the tribe that settled in the city called Cahokia.
  18. _________________________ lived in the United States SouthWest in large cities 100 BC to 1300 AD.
  19. ________________________ are apartment like dwellings made of mud bricks and sandstone.
  20. Mud bricks are also called ____________________.
  21. Digging ditches to carry water to crops is called _____________________.
  22. The place where the Anasazi held religious ceremonies was called the _____________.


Multiple choice

Circle the correct answer. Most of these questions come from the links provided in the lesson.

  1. 1/4
  2. 1/2
  3. 3/4
  4. 1/3
  1. Louis Aggasiz
  2. Albert Einstine
  3. Louis Poorman
  4. None of the above
  1. 25,000 years ago
  2. 35,000 years ago
  3. 50,000 years ago
  4. 15,000 years ago
  1. Cherokee
  2. Haudenosaunee
  3. Hopi
  4. Navajo
  1. Pray
  2. Solve a problem
  3. Influence others
  4. They were only worn as jewelry
  1. Cornmeal and water
  2. buffalo meat
  3. fruits and vegetables
  4. leaves and branches
  1. Mexico
  2. Canada
  3. Arizona
  4. Ohio
  1. Ohio, W Virginia, Indiana
  2. Florida, Georgia, South Carolina
  3. Arizona, New Mexico
  1. In houses made of logs
  2. In tipis
  3. In underground dirt houses
  4. In circular houses made of wood and bark
  1. Passage from two different worlds
  2. a chair made of wood
  3. a house made of adobe
  4. a cooking pot
  1. Walking in a door
  2. Crawling through a window
  3. Climbing down a ladder
  4. Pulling back a curtain
  1. Boxes
  2. Vaults
  3. Safes
  4. Altars


On a separate piece of paper write the following:

  1. Write your version of one of the Creation Stories.
  2. Write several technologies of our age and some technologies of the ancient people.


Modern Technologies TV, Computers

Ancient Technologies Irregation, Fire


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